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Data Mining, Image Processing, Speech Processing and Signal Processing, Wireless Sensor ,WSN, MANET, VANET, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, GRID Computing, Parallel Computing

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Our Project Areas


Data Mining, Privacy preservation of social network, K means, E Means, PSO, ACO, BFO, Firefly, Cuckoo, GA, Hybridization, DAg, HEFT, CPOP, Grid Processing

Data Mining

  1. Privacy preservation of social network
  2. K means, E Means, PSO, ACO, BFO
  3. Firefly, Cuckoo, GA, Hybridization
Wireless Sensor (WSN, MANET, VANET), Routing Optimization, Energy Conservation, Attach prevention (Wormhole, Black hole etc)

Wireless Sensor (WSN, MANET, VANET)

  1. Routing Optimization, ( Leach , Speed , AODV , DSR , DSDV)
  2. Energy Conservation,
  3. Attack prevention (Wormhole, Black hole , Gray Hole etc)
  4. Energy Model Design
  5. WDM Routing
Image Processing, Medical Image Processing, Satellite Image Processing, Steganography, Segmentation, compression, CBIR, Biometrics Video, Processing

Image Processing

  1. Medical Image Processing
  2. Satellite Image Processing
  3. Steganography, Segmentation compression, CBIR, Biometrics Video Processing
Speech Processing and Signal Processing, Speech Authentication, Wheel chair movement authentication, ECG Signal Processing/Filtration, EEG Processing, Music Classification (Indian/Western), Signal Enhancement Using AI

Speech Processing and Signal Processing

  1. Speech Authentication
  2. Wheel chair movement authentication
  3. ECD Signal Processing/Filtration
  4. EEG Processing
  5. Music Classification (Indian/Western)
  6. Signal Enhancement Using AI
Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, CLassification using feed forward, Back propagation neural network, Fuzzy neural clustering, Classification and, Segmentation, Cocomo Development

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Neural Networks
  2. CLassification using feed forward, Back propagation neural network
  3. Fuzzy neural clustering, Classification and Segmentation
  4. Cocomo Development
Cloud Computing, Scheduling at Cloud, Cluster Simulation, Node Simulation, Data Processing at SAAS, Cloudsim, Grid Sim, Hadoop

Cloud / GRID / Parallel Computing

  1. Scheduling at Cloud
  2. Cluster Simulation
  3. Node Simulation
  4. Data Processing at SAAS
  5. Cloudsim, Grid Sim, Hadoop ID
  7. Load Balancing in Cloud / Grid Processing
  8. VM Migration
  9. VM Sharing and allocation



Tools for Data Science

The following is the movement in just 3 years of the players which got their position in the well known, Gartner Magic Quadrant. Gartner keeps changing the names for this report (and by implication the market segment) - the latest 2018 version, published Feb 23, 2018, is called "Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms" (with an old-fashioned dash between Machine and Learning ...

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4 Tools for Business Analytics

21st Century is fast evolving. There’s no more limited set of opportunities - the bargaining power of skilled labour has increased. Hotel bookings, now don’t cost that much. Taxis have reduced the prices. The unions of insecure businesses is at risk. It’s the age of disruption. We now have more respect towards people who are not just hard working, but smart as well. We have reached a point where s ...

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Strict Laws, Data and Data Users

Brief - there’s a new law which is around the corner, and would be applied to businesses which collect and process European citizen’s data - GDPR. The industry is a bit shaken at the moment, while even without that law, Mark Zuckerberg had to face a hearing with senator recently. Beyond that, there’s more happening in near future. This law affects Data Science, since it lays down new rules and re ...

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Most used Data Science Methods at Work

Today, there're dozens of data science techniques which we can apply to different solution formats. A business would typically use dashboards for CXO board members for sharing metrics like pipeline, revenue, profits and costs. On a separate note, if you're working to define a use flow on website, you may want to use a decision trees. There's 20+ key data science methods used at work as of today, a ...

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Data mining processes and application in marketing

An extreme arm of analytics is “predictive analytics” It’s core lies in data mining - which is nothing but a process used to extract usable data from a larger set of any raw data.This technique is heavily used in thousands of tools available today in digital marketing landscape. You have experienced automatic predictions yourself in Flipkart - the way more similar products are shown to you marked ...

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Big Data Analytics - As a thesis topic

Data, is ever growing. With technological advancements, like IOT - a basic item which we’re continuously accumulating, and increasing the bytes - is data. It’s probably much more than you realize. It’s not just the data in your laptop, tab, phone or smart watch. It’s even in stores you visit, e.g. Walmart - where automated systems could be monitoring your purchase history, behavior and working to ...

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Before processing, what does a “word” mean?

Speech processing, is well, processing of speech. Understand, what’s a word? It’s data. It’s just that - everything else which comes to your mind is via the processing which happens in your mind.Take the word butterfly. To use this word it is not necessary to make the voice weigh less than an ounce or equip it with small dusty wings. It is not necessary to invent a sunny day or a field of daffodil ...

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Data storage and access via Fog Computing

What if one mobile could download software updates and then share them with other phones? Today, though we have IOT, but our devices don’t have storage to store all information they need to function properly. Hence, they’re always transmitting and receiving data to provide you with services. This transmission is happening via cloud server.Cisco, recently coined another term - “Fog Computing” -  IB ...

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