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amita sharma

Its being an honor for being an employee of this organisation from a long time and here are my honest observations. Learning opportunities are always there, not only for the students/ clients but for the employees as well. The structure by which the thesis done is very nice. Every query of every student gets resolved. It gives nice opportunity and freedom to work. Apart from the compensation benefits, workplace is very good with good team and management.

5 years ago

Aman Kamboj

Dr. Saurabh is a genious in techie things and very supportive.

3 years ago

sashi bhushan

fake and unprofessional. All are cheaters.

2 years ago

Kiran Sharma`

Being an employee and a learner, I have learnt a a lot from this respective organization. The culture of the company and the hierarchy of the work is amazing. The provision of work is provided is on accurate time span with proper guidelines. The work/life balance is brilliant, they are considerate and always flexible.

4 years ago

ritima srivastava

The best team of developers ever. On time work, extra hours for explaining everything. Just Wow... Strongly Recommended.

5 years ago