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We're a branch of SmartTech Technologies, empowered by Dr. Saurabh Srivastava, PhD. in Computer Science from IIT, Delhi. We provide m tech thesis writing services, help and guidance in Chandigarh for your academic research. Our expertise in a diverse range of topics enables us to provide highly authentic and qualitative m tech thesis guidance and writing services in Chandigarh. We also offer online services across India

Mission Statement

To inculcate a habit of innovation internally, and expand our reach to provide dissertation services via thesischandigarh.com


Since it's inception, SmartTech Technologies has been committed to Quality Management System, to ensure we exceed our customer's quality needs. We incorporate good management practices into a set of standardized set of requirements for a Quality Management System. This has grown within our organization regardless of our size, and addition of diverse products and services being offered. Providing thesis guidance in Chandigarh is a responsible step to facilitate healthy career growth for qualified individuals.

Nature Of Work

We have created a number of research proposals, thesis topics and dissertation topics. We offer genuine thesis writing services and help to ensure authentic and original conclusion of your M.Tech/PhD courses. We are a quality conscious thesis help guide in Chandigarh area. We strive to excel and continuously discover a commendable talent to work on complex projects involving latest technologies. We believe that our habit for innovation makes us an apt candidate to work on research projects which usually have considerable complexity. We are experienced and continuously develop our skill which acts like the backbone of the high quality services we provide.

What We Seek

We seek to provide continuous distribution of M tech thesis writing services and help in Chandigarh, PhD dissertation help and introduction of new projects ahead of competition at all times. We are keen to provide the best dissertation and m tech thesis writing , PhD thesis writing and submission services for students pursuing PhD and M tech courses in Chandigarh. In addition, we are available via online services for students based outside Chandigarh to benefit from our offerings.

Working Environment

Our working environment supports dynamic and proactive collaboration which creates sustainable and helpful team of empowered employees. Our employees go through rigorous training and work on projects for multiple topics. This empowers us with a workforce of skilled, dynamic and intellectual team. We are eager and quick to follow up on your requirements.

4 reasons why you should choose your m tech thesis guide wisely

  1. Your thesis is a critical element of your course

    Your thesis is the most critical aspect of your M.Tech/PhD course. Everything from the choice of your topic to final submission matters a lot to enhance and conclude your M.Tech/PhD. You have worked hard to get m tech admission and later worked even harder to complete the course. This last requirement of thesis submission is the ultimate validation for your study. The quality of this dissertation and your understanding for the same is a significant factor to judge your ability to pursue your future career options. Good research proposal, choice of dissertation topic and much more is required to ensure good quality of your dissertation. We are a authentic and qualified thesis guide for mtech thesis in chandigarh. We provide end to end dissertation help, M.tech thesis in chandigarh, and ensure that your submission is accepted.

  2. The quality of your thesis can improve/degrade the quality of your whole course

    We do not recommend buying cheap research papers as they will degrade the quality of your course and limit the possibility of your selection in good organizations in future. Even a M tech/PhD done with good grades and marks is vulnerable to the quality of dissertation and thesis topics. On the other hand, a good dissertation improves the impression, despite average grades. A smart decision is to choose an experienced m tech thesis guide who provides end to end assistance. Don’t let spam providers with fake and cheap thesis work ruin your submission. After all, it’s the final hat to your formal education!

  3. M.tech/PhD thesis will remain with you forever

    You dissertation marks the completion of one big career development of your life - post graduation. This basic foundation will always be looked at by faces of the organizations you work for. You would create even better projects in future and you can choose to showcase your best. However, your thesis in one. It needs to be best. Proper guidance and assistance of experts is critical to bet on a decision that will matter long after you have completed your course.

  4. It conveys your intellectual ability much more quickly as compared to your grades

    Your course marks convey that you understand the concepts and you have passed the examination based on the syllabus provided. However your M.Tech/Phddissertation demonstractes your intellect. An engaging and interesting topic will engage the reader and open up more possibilities for you. Your dissertation communicates the way you approach your subject. We provide quality dissertation writing and development in chandigarh.

Director's Info

About Dr. Saurabh Srivastava, CEO, Thesis Chandigarh

About Dr. Saurabh Srivastava, CEO

Dr. Saurabh received his M.tech in Computer Science from IIT, Delhi. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. Prior to establishing Smart-Tech Technologies, Dr. Saurabh was a member of the project team at a PHP Company in Mohali, leading all the products and technologies, and driving innovation globally. Dr. Saurabh has been instrumental to define company’s technology, project strategy and architecture. He accelerated M.tech and PHD development processes to bring about a deep focus on design and user experience. He has been successful in transforming the company’s innovation culture, expanding engagement with venture investing and leading product incubation and co-creation with clients. He is especially known for his championship of technology as an amplifier of human potential, and his passion for applying software in purposeful ways to address some of the biggest global challenges. His experience includes research in artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, programming languages and models, PHD projects, M.tech Projects, B.Tech Projects and information management.

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