Big Data Analytics - As a thesis topic

Data, is ever growing. With technological advancements, like IOT - a basic item which we’re continuously accumulating, and increasing the bytes - is data. It’s probably much more than you realize. It’s not just the data in your laptop, tab, phone or smart watch. It’s even in stores you visit, e.g. Walmart - where automated systems could be monitoring your purchase history, behavior and working to predict your next interest. With Digital India initiative, even more of your data is stored with governments for facilitating integration of services.

Here’s a key difference between basic analytics and big data. While basic analytics is working with spreadsheets and manually crunching numbers to uncover insight. Big Data Analytics, is a setup which streams huge amounts of data into businesses, and uncover significant value from it. In addition to that, speed of uncovering insight is commendable. The ability to work faster gives us a competitive edge we did not had before.

Illustration of Opportunities in Big Data

Since this is clearly an area with immense career growth potential, it’s wise to know the basics. A thesis topic for big data analytics is even more powerful. Besides, if you’re good at statistics, hypothesis testing, clustering, decision trees - this is a great career option. It’s a $203 billion big analytics market. That’s promising.


Future options may turn you into a data scientist, Hadoop user, Spark Developer, Python user, for statistical procedures, or use Apache for real time messaging. There are a dozen more technical terms. This is a SaaS world.

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