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Data mining process

An extreme arm of analytics is “predictive analytics” It’s core lies in data mining - which is nothing but a process used to extract usable data from a larger set of any raw data. This technique is heavily used in thousands of tools available today in digital marketing landscape. You have experienced automatic predictions yourself in Flipkart - the way more similar products are shown to you marked as “based on your history”

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Most Used Data Science Methods

Today, there're dozens of data science techniques which we can apply to different solution formats. A business would typically use dashboards for CXO board members for sharing metrics like pipeline, revenue, profits and costs. On a separate note, if you're working to define a use flow on website, you may want to use a decision trees. There's 20+ key data science methods used at work as of today, across globe. Let's talk about Top 3 such methods. Educate yourself to be ready for the future. Contact us for relevant and right directions to help you with M Tech or PhD thesis guidance. We’re based in Chandigarh. We have online classes as well to offer services across India. Or call us on +91–9023469578 / +91–7508793518 www.thesischandigarh.com

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This video is for the beginners where i have tried to put some basic information regarding matlab and how to start programming in MATLAB. I will put more videos in my next segment

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