A unique Information Technology company was born at the daybreak of a new century i.e. THESIS CHANDIGARH. The focus of company is to provide thesis development as well as thesis writing services for National and International Technical Publications, Report, Dissertation and Thesis writing services for BE/ M/Tech /and PhD to facilitate the students with live projects on latest technologies like ASP.NET, MATLAB, JAVA, PHP, NETWORKING, NLP, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, MANET, IMAGE PROCESSING, MEDICAL PROCESSING under the strict guidance of industry Experts. With the passage of time, Thesis Chandigarh has demonstrated a remarkable growth, that become possible with our believe in the real values of the customer and the provider relationship built on the some of the following rooted systems:

  • To put the Employee First to authorize them to believe in everyday ideas for creating massive value for customers.
  • To deliver more value to the clients by putting their interest ahead.
  • Trust, Transparency and Flexibility is our belief that drives us to customer’s business reality, guaranteeing outcomes with great passion.  
  • To empower the employees to believe in the power of ideas.
  • To help the clients from all spheres of work through innovative ideas, technology solutions.

Thesis Chandiagarh is a customer focused company providing research work solutions with reliability as well as with the customer satisfaction. The technologies offered thesis development and writing for various fields like Computer Science and Technologies (CSE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Software Engineering (SE), and Information Technology (IT).

Dr. Saurabh Srivastava is a whole-time director of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Thesis Chandigarh. Prior to establishing this company, Dr. Saurabh was a member of the project team at PHP Company in Mohali, leading all products and technologies, and driving innovation globally. Dr. Saurabh was instrumental in defining the company’s technology and project strategy and architecture. He accelerated M.tech and PHD development processes, bringing about a deep focus on design and user experience, transforming the company’s innovation culture, expanding engagement with startups and venture investing, and leading product incubation and co-creation with clients.

Thesis Chandigarh has its corporate office in Mohali & is a registered firm established under the Govt. of India. Our solution specialists are always on toes to explain all minute details to each programmer any number of time till the work is perfect and according to client satisfaction. 

We always try to cover the gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of modern technology by providing the free classes of the tool used to the students registered in the firm. The concept of registration with us is really simple. The entire process of Work ‘n’ Developement can be explained in the following set of steps:

Step 1 – A thesis Posting has the following details:

  • Thesis Description
  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Project Time Frame

Base Paper, if applicable and other additional details.

Step 2 – Based on the understanding of the Project requirements, the developer team of our company will send a proposal to the client, quoting a price and time frame.

Step 3 – The next step is to finalize the terms, in case something needs to be changed. Terms & Milestone are basically a sort of agreement between the two parties on the deliverable and final cost that they have agreed upon. In our case it is a ratio of 30/ 70 ratio. 30% of the amount have to given by the client after the delivey of the synopsis then 70%of the amount after completion of project.

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